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 FIM e-Power International Championship

1.       Thomas Betti ( ITA / Betti Moto ) 87 points
2.       Thijs de Ridder ( BEL /  Crystalyte Europe) 86 points
3.       Himellmann Matthias ( GER / Munch RT ) 56 points
4.       Christian Amendt (GER/ Epo-Bike RT) 48 points
5.       Ranier Kopp (GER/ Munch RT) 33 points
6.       Luciano Betti (ITA/Betti Moto) 26 points 
7.       Czysz Michael (USA /Motoczysz ) 25 points
8.       BARNES Michael (USA / Lighting Motorcycle ) 20 points
9.       Stefano Scrocchi ( ITA / Munch RT) 16 points
10.   HANNAS Mike (USA/ Electric Race Bike )  9 points


Thomas Betti  and Betti Moto conquer the world with the electric bike.


Imola 25-26 September last race of E-Power International Motorcycle Federation organized by the maximum FIM (International Motorcycling Federation). In front of seventy thousand viewers Thomas Betti and  Betti Moto conquer the first championship for a zero emission motorcycles. A year full of emotions that will be remembered where he saw the Betti Moto win the first race in Le Mans E-Power after a full season pass at the helm, winning the championship at Imola.
The E-league power has now attracted the interest of the public and in particular of industries related to the world environment, 'ecology and sustainable mobility, bringing the performance of vehicles at every major race. Also remember that the energy used to make 40 km competition is less than the quantity of energy present in one liter of gasoline, the performance of an electric motor efficiency of over 95% against 30% for those with a bang.



We wanted to sum up the secret of our success with these words:
 PASSION: passion that makes you keep going despite everything, that keeps you awake whole nights to work and that makes you do things that money could never buy, the same PASSION that created the great Italian motorcycle brands, the same passion that makes the Italian racing cars and motorcycles for something special.
EXPERIENCE: Betti bike built electric motorcycle racing since 1998, competing in the FIA (International Automobile Federation) participating in the Championship Vehicles in Class IV International Elettrosolari reserved for bikes, and winning eight international titles, E-Power is a further confirmation.
LUCIANO BETTI: The arm and mind that made this possible.
BUILDING A BETTER WORLD: The purpose of Betti Moto is to be able to create bikes that have no impact on the nature, creating motion that can supply electricity with renewable forms of energy, bikes to have the performance to not regret the motorcycles with engine. Thomas Betti Quote: ... ... ... It will  be one day not too long ago when oil is over, we are working to ensure that motorcycling and the emotions that gives us will never end ... ... ..
Betti Moto wants to thank and share their first victory with all the sponsors on all Energy Resources, with all the technical sponsors, with all those who cooperated and who have supported us during this period.


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